A Summer of Interrailing: Prague, Czech Republic 

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see!  

Prague, was without a doubt my favourite city. Perhaps because we had a little more time there but it was such a chilled out time and a really cool city. 

Day 1 

Like a few other places, the first morning was reserved for a Free Walking Tour. I’ve begun to really appreciate these tours as not only do you see the main sights, but you also hear interesting stories which normal tours tend to leave out. On the tour we saw places like the famous astronomical clock – which is said to “perform” every hour on the hour, but it is the biggest anti-climax! However, once you realise how old it is, you can understand why it is not so spectacular – even though the clock itself is beautiful. We walked around the Jewish Quarter and then to the Charles Bridge. The Old Town Square was by far my favourite spot, it’s so beautiful and perfect for some good old people watching. 

After all the walking around, we treated ourselves to the most incredible icecream in a donut cone! The most calorie-rich thing I’ve probably ever eaten, but it was so worth it! And then we sat and chilled for a bit on one of the islands in the middle of the river. 

Day 2 

Our second day was spent mainly exploring the other side of the river, where the Palace is. As well as the palace, we also saw the John Lennon Wall and some beautiful gardens. 

Day 3 

Our third and final day in Prague was mainly filled with wandering around some more as well as visiting the farmers market by the river and ended with a hilarious night on one of the famous pub crawls.  They are the best places for meeting people and generally having a great time! 

Prague’s ‘dancing building’

As I mentioned at the start, Prague was definitely my favourite city of the trip. The mix of things you’re able to do and the beautiful buildings and sights all around most certainly provide endless entertainment. I will definitely be returning!

Bye for now x


A Summer of Interrailing: Vienna, Austria 

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see!  

Although this was just another pit-stop between two cities we really wanted to see, I really enjoyed Vienna. Another city filled with beautiful architecture and so many parks, you really would not run out of things to do on holiday here. As soon as we got there, we headed into the town centre and to one of the parks in the museum quarter. 

 As we only had one full day, we decided to do a bike tour to give us a taste of the city and also to learn a little of its history. Although the tour was extremely interesting and we saw some wonderful sights, the difference between a free (tip-based) tour and a pre-paid tour became apparent, as the stories were less lively and engaging. Nonetheless, I learned a lot about Vienna and realised just how beautiful it really is. 

One of my favourite parts of the tour, was visiting the Hundertwasser Village. Designed by the architect Hundertwasser, the artistic space contrasts greatly to the rest of the city! 

After the tour, we strolled around our favourite parts and looked in at the Film and Food Festival taking place in front of the town hall. 

Following the suggestion of a friend we checked out a Pakistani restaurant called Deewan, where you pay as much as you can and eat as much you wish. It was really delicious and the people were very friendly! Afterwards, seeing as the evening was so nice, we headed to another park and watched an open-air salsa class and all the Pokemon Go players! 

Vienna was beautiful, I think I would definitely pay the museums a visit should I return! 

Bye for now x

A Summer of Interrailing: Budapest, Hungary

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see!  

I think Budapest was definitely one of the cities which I was most looking forward to (along with Prague, where I currently am), and it certainly did not disappoint. The only disappointing factor was the constant rain we had the whole 3 days we were there. Typical. Meanwhile there is a heatwave it Britain! Anyway, we still had a fabulous time. When we first arrived, we met up with a friend from Granada who happened to be in Budapest also! She took us to one of the many ‘Ruin Pubs’ on the Pest side of the river. They are bars in once abandoned buildings, each with its own creative touch. My favourite of the night was Kuplung, an under the sea themed bar! 

So cool and very cheap, just how we students like our bars! The mood was only dampened once we arrived back at our hostel to find out that our door was broken, and we would have to sleep in another room in the clothes we traveled in… wonderful. 

Day 1 

After a wonderful streak of good weather, we finally ran out of luck in Budapest. We did not see the sun the whole time we were there, however we still made the most of it! Much of the day was spent on the Buda side, across the river and full of the historical landmarks. However, before heading over The Chain Bridge we had lunch at the most amazing place called The Hummus Bowl. A definite must for hummus lovers! 

The walk along the river and across the bridge is stunning, even in the rain! We then walked up to the Palace, now used as an Art Gallary, to the church and main view points. 

To escape the rain, we headed into the Labrynths! They were so amazing, and walking around with a lantern just made it that much cooler! 

All in all a great day! 

Day 2

Another rainy day. However, we made it out earlier and headed in the direction of the Parliamentary building. On the way we passed the Shoe Memorial for the Hungarian Jews who died in the Second World War. It is really worth seeing.

The Parliamentary Building is also beautiful

Then we had some square donuts and headed to an island with a dancing fountain (not quite as awesome as the one in Barcelona, but still). After, we stayed on a bridge and watched the RedBull AirRace – which was also pretty cool! And then we found ourselves wandering towards a massive park with a little castle and loads of pretty plants and buildings. 

In the evening we went to some bars with a lovely Russian girl from our hostel room. First to Szimpla, the oldest and most popular Ruin Pub, then to and Ice Bar and finally back to Kuplung. 

Budapest was amazing, I will most definitely be returning! 

Bye for now x

A Summer of Interrailing: Zagreb, Croatia 

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see!  

To say we had a difficult start in Zagreb is somewhat of an understatement. After a 6 hour long coach journey from Split, and a questionable chicken pizza roll… we found ourselves suffering with food poisoning. However, despite the rocky start, we still managed to explorer some of Zagreb and not waste the only day we had there in bed. 

Zagreb is typically used by backpackers and interrailers as a pit-stop either to or from Split. We found it to be a surprisingly beautiful and interesting city with many unusual museums. The one we visited made a particular impression on me – The Museum of Broken Relationships. 

The exhibition is a collection of trinkets, memories and stories from broken and failed relationships across the world. The stories were so touching and often so sad. But I feel that through donating the item that reminded them most of the relationship, they were finally able to move on. It is a lovely idea, allowing people to grieve properly for a relationship that meant so much. 

After having read literally every story there was in the museum, we headed off in search of some food (soup, because our poor stomachs were feeling delicate) and a comfy chair, admiring the buildings along the way!

The beautiful Zagreb Theatre

Then we went in search of the big green space on the map, the botanic gardens. They were so beautiful and peaceful, it was just what we needed! 

There was so much more we could have done in the gorgeous Croatian capital, it was a shame that we had been ill and had no energy! However, the pets of the city we did see were lovely and I would definitely say it is worth a visit! 

Bye for now x

A Summer of Interrailing: Split, Croatia (part 2)

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see!  

Day 3 

This was by far my favourite day. Getting up early, I headed down to the harbour to catch a boat for a trip to the Blue Lagoon I had reserved the day before. Going on my own I was worried, that I would be surrounded by couples or big groups, but I met the loveliest girls who adopted me into their group for the day! We started off along the coastline and towards one of the many islands just off Croatia. 

The boat moored just off an island and they allowed us to jump off the boat into the refreshing and beautifully blue sea. They provided goggles and snorkels, which allowed us to see the many varieties of fish and seacreatures below. 

Our second stop was in the blue lagoon, which was even bluer and more beautiful (pictured above). The only things to watch out for, were the sea urchins below but the water was definitely deep enough!  We then made our way to another island where we stopped for lunch and had free time to explore or go to the beach. 

I could not stop taking pictures. I love the contrast of the white boats and houses against the striking blue of the sea. It was then, unfortunately, time to turn around and head back to Split where I met up with Amy and we did our usual thing of going for dinner and then sitting on the harbour wall until it got dark. 

Day 4 

On our last day in Split, we were determined to make the most of the sun and the beach. Spending most of the day sunbathing, swimming and reading was lovely and relaxing – knowing the amount of cities we were yet to see and walk around. It was so hot that I could not bear to sunbathe longer than 30 minutes before having to dive into the sea again. 

We finished the day watching traditional Croatian dances and the sun set as we had a last delicious ice cream on the harbour wall. 

Split was a lovely place to relax and unwind, however it was not my favourite of the trip so far. I think the next time I go to Croatia, I’ll visit one of the hundreds of islands along the coastline! 

However, the adventure continues… Bye for now x

A Summer of Interrailing: Split, Croatia (part 1)

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see! 
After 2 fast city stops, we were looking forward to some relaxation time at the beach! The best, and probably funniest, part of our time there – is that we had booked an Air BnB, which was a tent on someone’s balcony! Surprisingly comfortable, but rather hot as you can imagine! 

Day 1

The 12 hour journey (with changeovers) was definitely worth it when we made it to the beach on our first full day there! I for one, love anywhere that has water… be it a lake, river, stream or the sea. So after walking all the way into the centre, I had to dive straight into the water. Unfortunately, the first beach we went to was extremely touristy and overcrowded, but it was still lovely to soak up some sun. 

Once showered and changed, we headed back into town for food and to see what the nightlife was like. 

We were recommended to go to ‘Fife’, an inexpensive but good quality restaurant. The food was delicious and we met the nicest man from Los Angeles who paid for our meal! I was so shocked and touched at the kindness of this man, it just shows there are still wonderful people out there! We then headed off to join in with one of the famous pub crawls, where we met more interesting people and had a whole load of fun! 

Day 2 

After a slow start, we decided to explore a bit more of the old town and palace of Split. It is a beautiful part of the city, mired in history and amazing architecture. 

My pictures really do not do it justice! After we had had enough of walking around in the sun, we headed off to find another beach a little further away.

 It was much nicer than the one from the day before and less crowded. Ending the day eating by the sea and having ice cream and pancakes on the harbour wall was lovely. 

Watch out for part 2 coming in the next few days! Bye for now x

A Summer of Interrailing: Ljubljana, Slovenia

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see! 

Sometimes places, the places you have heard very little about end up surprising you that you wind up falling in love and wanting to stay longer. This was how I felt in Ljubljana. Admittedly, I did not know much about Slovenia or its capital before this trip, so I had no idea if we would find anything to fill the day and a half we had there! How wrong I was. Ljubljana is a beautiful city with a fascinating history. 

Day 1

We arrived in the evening again and once settled into the hostel, we headed into the city centre. Although not a large city, the streets of Ljubljana were filled with people and their lively chatter. The river flowing through the city has countless bars either side of it, each full to the brim. We had dinner by the river and then some much deserved ice cream! 

Day 2

Waking up (semi) early, we headed into town for the free walking tour. For two hours, our lovely tour guide told us stories and facts about Ljubljana that would normally not be included in standard guide books. The architecture, by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, was simply beautiful and the stories that came with his works interesting and often funny. If only he would have known what a treasure the city he designed is today. Each stop we made had its own story, my favourite was about the poet Prešeren and his unrequited love for a merchants daughter – his statue now looks upon a figure of her in a building opposite the square named after him. 

The door of the Cathedral was created as a present for the Pope and depicts scenes from Slovenian history
The beautiful interior of the Cathedral
The famous dragon bridge

After the tour, we had lunch by the river and then headed up to the castle on the hill. 

We may have also indulged in some sweet treats throughout the day – all worth trying should you ever visit Ljubljana! 

We ended the day drinking cocktails by the river and watching the Euros… 

I 100% will be coming back and spending more time in this wonderful place! 

Bye for now x

A Summer of Interrailing: Salzburg, Austria

For the whole of July, I am interrailing with a friend around parts of Central Europe. This is the start of a series of blog posts about the places we are visiting and the amazing things we are sure to see! 

Day 1

Starting from Offenburg (where my German family live), our first stop was the beautiful, musical city of Salzburg in Austria. Having loved the sound of music as a child, I was very excited to see scenes from the film and visit the places where Mozart was born and then lived. We arrived early evening and once checked into the hostel, we headed along the river to explore a bit of the city. 

First impressions: Salzburg is beautiful. The impressive baroque architecture can be seen throughout the Altstadt (old town), each intricate detail wonderfully carved. We walked to the cathedral and past the birthplace of Mozart – and even stumbled upon an open-air cinema! 

My favourite part of the city was definitely the fortress on top of the hill, overlooking the city below. After a yummy dinner, we walked back to our hostel through the Mirabelle Gardens, the ones featured in the Sound of Music! 

Day 2 

The next day, we found a cute little bakery for breakfast and then walked into town. After a coffee stop and a wander around the market stalls, we headed off to find a way up to the fortress. After taking a very scenic detour (by accident) we walked up the steep stairs to the top! Once inside, we went to the first viewing point and had an amazing view of the city below. Although the museums in the fortress itself were extremely interesting, the views of the Salzburg and its surroundings were the highlight for me. 

Once we had finished admiring the views, we rushed to the Mirabelle Palace before it closed. It was beautiful, and lovely to see the gardens in the sunlight – definitely a different impression as opposed to at dusk! 

Once we finished there, we hired bikes to explore more of the parts along the river! The scenery was amazing – I spent a little too long admiring it, much to the annoyance of other bikers! 

We then got some food and sat don by the river to eat it, watching the sun set over the fortress. Unfortunately, we stayed a little too long and got caught in a huge thunderstorm! However, standing under a tree trying to escape the rain is the best way to make friends! It was a short but sweet visit –  I will definitely be going back! 

Bye for now x

My Last Weeks in Granada

Why is it, that time flies so very quickly once you begin to enjoy yourself? My time in Granada over and I can’t quite believe it! Luckily, I managed to make the most of my remaining time there and I thought I would share a little of what I have been up to! 

Granada is very well situated in that you are easily able to reach the beach as well as the mountains without spending many hours travelling. One weekend, some friends and I decided to explore a litre of the mountains that surrounded us and we headed off to Monachil to find the Hanging Bridges hike. I had researched it beforehand to see where we needed to go, but we still ended up getting off at the wrong bus stop, then once on the hike subsequently getting lost and ending up hiking for 5 hours in the blaring sunshine. However, it was a lovely day with the most stunning views! We also found a fresh water source and cherries so all hope was not lost. 

Sometimes Facebook can be great for finding out about events you would not normally hear about. I saw an event page promoting a food truck festival just outside Granada. It sounded amazing and I am not one to turn down a food festival! Once we figured out how to get there, we arrived in a square with a handful of trucks, some stalls and one bar. Although it was not quite what we were expecting, the food was still great! 

We then went back to the mountains, called Güéjar Sierra, for a day to swim in a lake! It was so much closer than going to the beach and absolutely stunning. I just love being in any kind of water! 

Last but not least, my final weekend in Granada ended the way any good weekend should – in the spa. A friend of mine recommended the Hamam Arab baths, and I am so glad she did. Two hours of relaxing in pools of different temperatures, drinking delicious mint tea and a 15 minute massage to boot; simply the most perfectly relaxing evening. 

I am now visiting family in Germany, but about to go interrailing for 1 month… So stay tuned for those blog posts! 

Bye for now x

Exploring Barcelona: Discovering Gaudi’s Handiwork (part 2)

The next day was probably my favourite of the weekend in Barcelona. After struggling to wake up, we headed out into the centre of Barcelona to visit one of the main attractions… The Sagrada Familia! I was so excited for this and it DEFINITELY exceeded my expectations. I don’t even think my descriptions could do the beauty of the inside justice, or the outside for that matter! So I’ll just let my pictures do the talking… (Which also don’t do it justice to be honest) 

Let’s start with the outside…

And then we went inside… 

I honestly could not stop taking pictures, the colours just amazed me! The sunlight coming through the stain glass windows made the whole building so beautiful and the atmosphere inside was peaceful – as everyone was clearly just as in awe as we were! 

After walking around the Sagrada Familia, we had lunch and then headed off in the buses once more to Park Güell – where more of Gaudi’s handiwork is featured. 

Exploring is more fun with good friends 🙂
Always lagging behind to take pics hehe

We unfortunately didn’t have time to go into the main Gaudi part of the park (there are scheduled visiting slots) but what we were able to see was lovely. Especially the viewing point at the top! 

Next, we headed back into town for a little more exploration in the market and then tried to find somewhere to eat in the pouring rain! 

We went out that night to Pascha club and had a great old time! Then our last day in Barcelona was spent chilling on the beach, swimming in the sea and eating great food! 

I had such a wonderful time and met some lovely people! I 100% plan on going back to Barcelona again in the future, there is so much more I would love to see and do. 

Bye for now x

P.S sorry this did not go up the other day, life and bad wifi got in the way :/ 

P.P.S also sorry for the overload of pictures… I can never decide which to use!